I grew up in Aurora, Illinois as a quiet person in a lively family of six daughters: I was good at art and painting, which led to becoming a photographer later in life.

Mom and Dad were childhood sweethearts who showed us kids how real people raise their families and live their lives successfully.

When they passed, and it came time to go through their belongings, we had boxes of all the many kinds of photos of the two of them together.

They had many portraits from the area portrait studios (that was the fashion of the time), but the photograph that touched our hearts was a candid portrait that captured the ‘spark’ of their love for each other.

A loving moment of emotion, in picture form forever.

It and the photos like this in my own life are the impetus for what I do. This ‘spark’ is what I see in families, couples and weddings. And while some chosen portraits are a single image, I also capture important events in portrait story form.

in both cases, the images of their lives show their vitality, legacy, and the good energy that 'sparkles' from their eyes.

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