My name is Dorothy Perry, and I had parents who were gentle and loving to each other all their married life.   

I have photographs of them, but nothing that shows them of the lively, loving characters I knew them to be.

By the time I became a photographer myself,

time and illness had changed the opportunity to capture their affectionate natures before they passed away. 

Because of this, I am passionate to make portraits for loving couples like I would have made of my parents.

Whether this is your first or second marriage, capture your romantic relationship in portraits created specifically for you and your loved one,

made with care and attention so it will be a treasured, inspiring gift for those that love you ~ and your children.

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Our experience working with Dorothy was absolutely wonderful.  Her photographs really captured the special moments from our time together.  She immediately puts you at ease and brings out your natural personality—all of which comes through in the finished product.  Dorothy has a calmness about her that makes her a pleasure to work with.  We will highly recommend her to everyone we know.  Erica
We thank you for bringing us moments we could not notice.  You captured our love in time and space.  Thanks for being with us and documenting our journey.  Jan and Chuck
I appreciate Dorothy's great customer service to create a special surprise for my son and his wife, a portrait they love and treasure. I thank her for helping me show my appreciation toward them, and I am very happy to recommend her portrait work to other loving families.  Paulette


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