On A Portrait Never Seen Before

How do I make my portraits?

By watching you in sunlight, in play, in relaxation.

In quietness.  In laughter.

In glances where you both recollect and reconnect with good moments from your togetherness.

Looking for your beauty at all times.

Seeing your beauty at all times.

Making a view you have never seen before.

You, at your best.  In love.


Hello!  I am a personal family and business branding photographer working within Chicago.  

I am also a practicing intuitive who blogs and teaches about living and thriving with intuition.  

Inquire about my personal portraiture - including an intuitive reading -

that captures the 'sparks' of couples - or the 'sparkle' in you - to warm your spirit again and again.

Interested?  Intrigued?  Let's connect and chat at Dorothy Perry Portrait, www.dorothyperry.com.