A Chicago Portrait Photographer on Smiles and Styles

From the beginning of my career as a photographer in Chicago, my focus has been to capture the energy of personality in portrait form.


In the past, these images never reached their potential, because many times they were delivered on CD or USB, a media that is easily scratched, corrupted or forgotten.

Despite the best intentions, I saw how these beautiful images, planned for albums and photo projects, got postponed and replaced in priority year after year.

The most valuable lesson I have learned from master photographer mentors, is that

A portrait is completely finished when it is properly, professionally framed.


My studio’s decision to offer only framed portraits and photographs has its benefits:

Beautiful frames that match your room colors, and in custom sizes that fit your spaces beautifully.

Hands-on help for a time-pressed parent, mom or bride to find the images and portraits that bring beautiful energy to the home.

Artwork of archival materials for a unique gift or a lasting legacy for your children.

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Making the decision to offer only framed portraits and photographs has its benefits:

Custom Designs: I create beautiful frames that match your room colors, and make them the size that fits beautifully

Easier Decisions: I help a time-pressed parent, mom or bride find the best photographs that can be enjoyed again and again.

Quality Construction: Photography, printing, framing or other presentation is chosen from the best quality materials from the best in our industry for artwork that can be legacies for your children.

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I love to make it easy to see the images of your loved ones to enliven your home beautifully. An in-person, in-home visit is just a phone call away.

Dorothy Perry Portrait, 872 208 7659

Windows to the Soul

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A valuable skill

in our sensitive, seeing world

is learning to relax the eyes' focus

(letting the eyes 'go fuzzy')

when waiting or resting.

It rests more than your eye muscles:

it also gives the ever-spinning wheels of mind a rest, too

and lets your intuition come through

to show you how to see




Chicago family photographer Dorothy Perry Portrait captures fine events in heirloom presentation. Inquiries and Booking here.

Sane Spaces

One of the young student guests at my recent art show closing reception said, 

"I'm going to miss this show."  

She used to come to the UIC African American Art Gallery to do her work through the school year and finals,

along with other students practicing yoga, making art, and, on Finals week, even eating breakfast there!  

It occurred to me that I had made an art show that successfully created a zone of energy.

For four months, eleven photographs in the AACC gallery wrapped the space in energy, serving as an artistic "power station" for the campus -

and creating a room that felt really, really nice to rest in.  

This show working with vibration worked beyond my expectations, and offered me an experience rich with potential.

Dorothy Perry is an acclaimed Portrait Artist in Chicago creating commissioned photographic portraits that celebrate the heart of loving relationships for parents, soulmates and sweethearts.  Follow Dorothy Perry Portrait Art on Facebook or Instagram.