Chicago Social and Event Photography

Pleased to Meet(ing) You!

As a Chicago photographer, I see people working together to provide the best experiences their own businesses can offer. All the time. This good feeling image, taking place during a meeting of the Northside Networking Group, is something my service always seeks to bring back to the companies and clients who hire me.

My Chicago business event photography loves seeing the good moments of interactions, workshops, networking, and outreach in our lively business communities throughout the city.

My special skill is in capturing the brief, but beautiful moments of interactions, outreach, networking and personal celebrations with better than normal portraits with the leaders and participants of your distinctive event.

Inquire here, too if your firm or organization needs branding and portrait images for social media or professional needs.

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In Vino Veritas

I am sensitive to waves of energy and sunlight as a daylight photographer ~ and take additional pleasure in working for events that possess both! 

The 2018 Chicago WineFest this year was held at Cafe Brauer, which has a spectacular skylight and glass panels that let in beautiful, diffused light. 

Being given free reign to photograph what attracted me allowed me to sync and flow with the enthusiasm of wine lovers, couples dancing, and wine-based cheeriness on a rainy day - AND images that had potential quality as artwork for my personal portfolio.  Let me tell you, for that experience,  I was as happy and elated as those who had a festival's worth of wine in them!  

"Amazing having your energy onsite and shooting for us."

"The photos are absolutely beautiful."

"Overall great pictures."

"I don't know if I just have a few favorites, as I like them all."

"They look fantastic!" 

"Best photos I've seen from the event."

"You really did a great job highlighting our vendors and guests."

"Thanks again for these great images."

"This is awesome work!"

"We will definitely be sharing on our page!"


Enjoy the feel of the day here on my gallery page or the Chicago Winefest Page on Facebook! (and thanks for 'liking' the page when you do!)

Chicago photographer Dorothy Perry believes in the restorative power of love and good energy in special event and portrait photography that captures the real moments of life beautifully.  Follow Dorothy Perry Portrait on her website and on Facebook.