the first purple

The mercurial Midwest Spring has been hard on the beautiful flowers that come up in the neighbors' gardens.  

They come into the beautiful, shapes colors and scents and sometimes into extended days of rain and chill that blast and freeze them.  

The lilac season came in the midst of rain and bone chilling temperatures.  

2016-04-22 15.21.26.jpg

In a week, they had bloomed and then were gone.  

I picked a wild branch, that true to all wild things, did not open, but found a blooming garden and stood there (as long as my son let me)

breathing in the air of my childhood

being again as the little curious, exploring, growing child 

And with this brief meeting this season, I 'got' how flowers are used as examples to teaching the here and nowness of life: so beautifully and sensually and completely HERE in their season and time on Earth  

an inspiration, a gift and appreciation.


Chicago based art photographer Dorothy Perry captures beautiful Boomer-age couples portraits, weddings, and day-in-the-life photo stories for business or personal projects.

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