Thank You for contacting Dorothy Perry Portrait to capture events or people in the energy of enjoyment. 

She is a photographer that believes that the immediate, "now" energy of things is essential to images that evoke a response. 

The freshness in these images hold a beautiful feeling in time practiced eye and  is a win-win for portraits you can enjoy, treasure, and give to other favorite people. 

I look forward to a very nice experience, creating good energy to enjoy now and treasure later.

I welcome inquiries about custom portrait commissions in Chicago and the Midwest.

For interested parties, an in-person meeting is part of the process to envision something special just for you.

Follow Along!  Iā€™d love to hear from you! Find me on Instagramsend me a line through my contact page or give me a call (872-208-7659) to set up an appointment.

You can also follow Dorothy Perry Portrait updates on Facebook for celebrations of good family vibes and a positive energy mindset.  

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