To Your Good Energy!

To Your Good Energy!

I was born in the nearby suburb of Aurora, Illinois, and showed an interest in drawing and painting early in life. 

My mom and dad were childhood sweethearts.  Mom was a natural teacher, and introduced me to the joy of reading, children's book art, and the Art Institute of Chicago. My Dad was a working man who was supportive of my talent in many ways all through my life. 

When they passed, we had many family photos of the two of them together. They had many 'Sears Portrait Studio' type photos from over the years, but the SINGLE photograph that my sisters shared, reprinted and loved BEST was a candid image taken during a date night before they married.

This moment that held the love energy of their affection for each other.  A real moment that could still be felt.

I had seen people who captured that energy, but did not know someone could help teach me HOW to make photographs like that until I was in my fifties. 

My career in photography began the first year I lived in Chicago after college.  I dreamed of being a globetrotting photojournalist and wore a photo vest everywhere!  For many years, I would drive my little car to the suburbs and far parts of Chicago to shoot my stories, develop, print, and deliver by the end of the night.  I photographed for the Chicago Defender, The Archdiocese of Chicago, New City, and the Chicago Reader until a friend hired me to photograph their wedding, and I never looked back.  I loved B&W weddings and the couples I photographed are still good friends today.

I freelanced making portraits for musicians, married couples and families and had many clients for my black and white wedding photojournalism. 

During my second pregnancy, enforced bed rest put an end to my career for 20+ years.  My son began to display autistic-like behavior as a baby, and I decided on home based therapy and schooling, which we did for 12 years until his graduation from the Chicago Virtual High School in 2016.

During that time I was taking classes at a school that taught people how to develop their own psychic energy and gradually learned the voice of my own intuitive gift.  Daily life with intuition 'on' helps me bring a fresh new view to business and family portraits: the quiet natural beauty of life, called the 'sacred everyday.'

I was introduced to the Beloved photography techniques taking a workshop with its' founder Jesh de Rox in 2010

Now my own family is more grown-up, I am enjoying capturing family laughter for young parents, confident smiles for executives, and loving moments for couples.  

The people that call me have their own style and zest for life.

They may have 'snow on the roof' but there's fire in the fireplace!

They also want the photographs of their lives to be more than headshots, more than snapshots or unviewed photos on a CD.  

They want  the images of their families, and business presence online, and private custom portraits to show more of their inner personality and private 'sparkle.' 

I did not know someone could have a photograph like that until I was in my fifties.   

and want to see those photos displayed in their home. 

Visionary Chicago portrait artist Dorothy Perry  the love of families in the essence of morning innocence, 

and parents as the couple in love they still are.

These images of essential connections, intimacy, and the good energy that 'sparkles' from the eyes are designed to bring loving energy into the home.

Questions about creating positive personal family art starts here

Dorothy Perry Portrait photographs happy families and personal celebrations throughout Chicago.

I look forward to making portraits and photographs that record something meaningful for you.

Follow me on Instagram or Facebook for celebrations of good family vibes and a positive energy mindset or call me at 872 208 7659 to set up an appointment.  (No solicitation, please.)  I'd love to hear from you!