I was born in Aurora, Illinois, and showed early signs of artistic talent in drawing and creating things from my surroundings and imagination. My Mom and Dad were childhood sweethearts in Aurora, married all their lives, and raised six ‘Perry Sisters.’ (I’m Sister #2!) My Mom was a natural teacher, and introduced me to the joy of reading, artistic book illustrators, and the Art Institute of Chicago. My Dad was an intelligent, creative blue collar man who was supportive of my artistic and psychic talent in many ways all through my life. 

My interest in making photographs began as a newcomer to Chicago as a newcomer after graduation from college. 

Every evening after my ‘day job’, I photographed my travels, neighborhood, people, and random moments, set up a darkroom in my home, and began to build a portfolio that showed my talent for capturing the feel and atmosphere of the moment. Even living abroad with language and financial limitations, I was photographing, making prints, and dreaming of life as a freelance artist.

In early 2000, a client hired me to photograph his wedding day, and I started a new artistic direction in B&W film wedding photojournalism.

In personal life, my second child began to show Aspergers-like social behavior which made it difficult for regular schooling, and I was his advocate and teaching support until his graduation from the Chicago Virtual High School in 2016.

During that turbulent time I was taking classes at a small school called Invision that taught people how to develop their own psychic energy. With time, I gradually learned to hear my own voice, gained more confidence in sensing, and incorporating use of intuition in every part of my life, including sensing the energy in photographs.

When my parents passed, we had boxes of all the many kinds of family photos of the two of them together. They had many formal, 'Portrait Studio' type photos from over the years, but the photograph my sisters loved and shared of them was a candid image taken years before we were born.

As simple as this snapshot was, it held the energy of their affection for each other.  A real moment that could seen and still be felt. This moment of ‘life’ is something that attracts me as a photographer and psychic, and I am fortunate to meet others who understand and seek what I create.

They want the images of their families, business presence, or private portraits to show personality, essential connections, intimacy, and the good energy that 'sparkles' from the canvas.

I look forward to making portraits and photographs that record something meaningful for you. Questions about creating positive personal family art that brings loving energy into the home starts here

Call me, Dorothy, at Dorothy Perry Portrait at 872 208 7659, and ‘Like’ me on Instagram or Facebook for celebrations of good family vibes and a positive energy mindset!